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Portrait of Maureen Murphy, Emerging Resources

Partnership with a
skilled chiropractic doctor

A coaching process to free
you of limiting beliefs

Facilitated group
Speaking Circles®

Maureen Murphy, D.C.
290 Grand Ave,
Oakland, 94610


Real changes in attitudes have already taken place within many of us, and we ask ourselves, "Where do we go from here?"

Still, many of us are postponing making necessary 'upgrades' in our habits of thought, behavior and emotional reactions to life's challenges.

Many more of us are just awakening to the work ahead and can't yet perceive the unique opportunities that come with it.

Wherever you are on your journey of becoming, there is always a next step.  If you have a passion to make a difference, are ready to finally feel the goodness in your life and are willing to take one positive step toward real freedom, then join with me and move beyond your present imagings of what's possible for you.

At Emerging Resources you will find practical programs and enlightening perspectives for supporting you through real growth. With creative collaboration and practical exercises you will realize and demonstrate  your personal inner freedom.


Do you have a passion to make a difference?

What's your next step?

Put these on your list:

* Vibrant health and sustainable energy!
* Freedom from limited thinking to a sense that anything's possible!
* A clear vision communicated from the heart with power and ease!

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