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I believe that each of us contributes to the greater story by how we tell our own. As we become capable of re-defining what we believe to be true, we can collectively re-imagine our world. In the uncertainty of our times, I see the potential for each of us to activate our own inner resources and consciously contribute to the collective journey of becoming.

Wherever you are on this journey, there is always a next step.
I designed Emerging Resources to guide you in taking this step by providing vital tools and practices that lead you to:

• Respect your body's wisdom as ally in your growth
• Identify and disengage from your limiting beliefs
• Discover your core values and personal truths
• Recognize these as your unique gifts
• Learn to express these gifts with power and ease
• Become a leader by sharing your gifts with the world
• Help to create a new paradigm of partnership and community where everyone’s gifts are valued and expressed

What’s keeping you from deeply knowing and sharing your gifts?

Could this be your opportunity for real growth and transformation?

What if you are one of the leaders of this evolutionary change?

If you are drawn to my work you sense that the challenges you face have a deeper significance. You realize the value of a skilled facilitator in providing precise support and guidance. Together we’ll negotiate the obstacles to your freedom and transform them into allies, opportunities and milestones of your growth. We’ll go beyond validating your wounds and demonstrate your power to re-interpret your past, and create a brilliant future.


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