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"When I deeply listen, the lyric of myself gets louder.
When I listen to you, with kind regard and soft focus
The composition of your being is revealed.
Together, with or without words,
the melody is carried in relational presences.
Measure for measure Maureen holds the rhythm
the conductor of change."
- Juliet Clancy

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Let me hear you speak from your Heart!

How receptive are you? We are living in a time when Receptivity could be vital to our survival. Listening to each other, to the planet and to the still voice within, aids us in making more conscious choices. Receptivity requires Presence, and Presence is a capacity which can be cultivated.

In facilitated group circles, we practice the art and skill of Relational Presence so you can communicate your essential truth and offer your unique gifts to the world. Our focus on the relationship between listener and speaker is essential to the emergence of your natural presence.

Relational Presence arises out of making it a priority to communicate with one person at a time... no matter the size of the group! By dissolving the illusion of separation, this practice strengthens your ability to cultivate sustainable and energizing presence when speaking or listening in a group of any size.

From full presence, many things are possible. Thoughts, feelings, ideas - your inner brilliance will emerge in the inviting space of our listening circles. This is a process and a practice which engages us at many levels. It has been described as deeply satisfying, meditative, entertaining and fun!

Come explore your vision...deepen your listening...find your voice. Speak into the listening to transform the way you experience communication and so much more! You will receive coaching in Relational Presence as a tool to access your inner resources.

Do you have something to say? What keeps you from sharing it with the world?

Are you afraid you'll lose your train of thought, worried you'll feel humiliated, or that what you say is not important?

When your opportunity arrives do you want to be prepared to share your vision with power and ease?

Your presentations can be more powerful and engaging and you can experience greater enjoyment while being with your audience! Come join the fun!

How will you participate in this time of great change? Contact me to discuss your next steps.




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