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"Working with Maureen is always exciting and rewarding! Even when we get to a tight or difficult spot she knows to champion and support me in a perceptive and caring way. Suddenly there are more options and possibilities in daily life and more fun! Thank you Maureen!"
- Katrine B

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Individual Coaching


You will be gently and firmly guided through this life-changing process until you experience true peace and genuine possibility. Based on the Lefkoe Method™, Peace and Possibility is a unique coaching program that gives you golden information and precise tools.

We will meet in several one hour sessions and you will receive a written summary of your progress. I promise to champion, nurture and challenge you as you step in to the flow of limitless possibilities.

You will:

  • Identify and dismantle negative patterns of behavior and emotion.
  • Disengage from outdated beliefs which limit your possibilities.
  • Recognize and claim your true core values.
  • Discover your power to interpret and assign meaning to your life.

Together we will negotiate obstacles and transform them into allies and opportunities. You will be inspired and empowered to change your world one choice at a time.

Are you ready to embark on this conscious and creative journey? 











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